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Itai Pasha and Udi Bletter have been playing in clubs, bars and events for more than a decade. In 2011, Itai and Udi opened Pasha & Bletter, which later became PNB Music, a home for artists and talents.

PNB Music is involved in special projects in the field of events as well as collaborations with organizations such as the Tel Aviv Municipality (White Night), Interdisciplinary Center (Student Day, spring vacations in Eilat) and Herzliya Municipality (street parties).
Our artists can be found weekly at concerts and parties throughout Tel Aviv, at weddings and special concept productions in Israel and abroad, and our sets are frequently played on ec99fm radio and 102fm radio.

We provide comprehensive musical management for businesses in the nightlife scene and restaurant industry, from the preparation of an accurate playlist to the creation of musical personality to the place and the placement of DJs and bands regularly.




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