An energetic band that will transform your event to the most talked-about party in the city. The Gaberband are already made a name for themselves in the Tel Aviv scene with weekly shows at the famous “Jimmy Who?”, Rothschild Blvd, “Lima Lima” and Lilienblum st.
Gaberband is a group of appreciated and talented musicians with vast experience and a huge repertoire. in their ability to change genres in a virtuous way while keeping the energy high that will lift all of your guests.
The Gaberband collaborated with the biggest names in the Israeli music industry such as Netta Barzilai, Mercedes Band, Mosh Ben Ari, Ninet Tayeb, Karolina, Ester rada and more.
The base of the band is made from guitar, bass, drums, piano players and a singer with options to add various extras such as a female singer, bouzouki, wind instruments, darbuka and more to upgrade your party.


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