Jazz N Roll

Jazz N Roll are a musical fiesta that brings new and exciting jazz adaptations to known rock and pop songs.

Ella Tadmor is a Jazz vocalist that performs in Israel and abroad. in her musical journey she works with big band orchestras, doo-wop bands and as a lead singer along side israel’s top leading jazz artists. in this show she joins with a pianist, bassist and drummer to create a winning quatro.

The magic of the show is taking the all time known pop and rock songs and transform them it to jazz standards (from Elvis to Nirvana, Village People to Tom Jones, Israeli Tamuz band to Metallica and more). This happens without compromising on the musical side.

Together these guys sweep behind them a large audience that comes back over and over again.

As part of their act a debut album named “Blame It On The Bebop” was released and is available for streaming here


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